About Carrefour brands:

Carrefour has a number of exclusive brands under its flagship brand, that have acquired a high degree of trust and credibility among our customers. The creation of Carrefour brands is to build a suite of products that exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of quality and price. Carrefour offers complete traceability on most of its products which as the label reads are available “only at Carrefour”.

Carrefour Brands:

Carrefour owned by Majid Al Futtaim Retail, invests in the development of Carrefour branded products known as Carrefour private labels, with a view to redefining its stores’ product line. With growing demand from shoppers for high quality products at affordable prices, Carrefour is constantly expanding its range of Carrefour private label products that are comparable in quality with leading brands in the market and at competitive prices. Carrefour strictly adheres to its quality policies and ensures safety of the raw materials used in the production of each product that goes on its shelves. Family packs and products, that serve the needs of the diverse nationalities, are prioritized by Carrefour in its private label selection.

Carrefour brings together the best French products since these have a high level of trust among our customers in the State of Kuwait. Given Carrefour’s strong association with France in its supply chain, products sourced from France are also transparent and traceable.

All of Carrefour’s private labels offer:

  Product quality: The quality of products under this brand is comparable with leading brands in the market
  Price advantage: Products offered under these brands are high value-for-money and can be further augmented by savings on family packs
  Safety: All products offered under Carrefour’s private labels are tested for the highest levels of safety recommended in the Kuwait

Carrefour Bio Products:

Carrefour delivers high quality, organic and affordable products within its Carrefour Bio range. All Carrefour Bio products are sourced from France and have KWDopean and French organic certification. The store offers a wide selection of organic products that cover a range of preferences and tastes. The food categories include cereals, biscuits, jams, pasta, spices, vegetable cans, frozen food, dairy products, baby food, and more. Carrefour Bio brand is designed to fulfill customers’ demand of having healthy balanced and desirable diet at reasonable prices.